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Do you ever struggle with flossing? While most people know that flossing is extremely important, some struggle with the process. Obviously, traditional floss is the most common and most frequently used type of floss, but some people still struggle with it. For example, some individuals have a hard time navigating the floss through their teeth or struggle to reach their back teeth. Others, especially those with sensitive teeth, can find typical floss too abrasive, or find that it frays too easily. But don’t worry. If you struggle with any of these issues, there are flossing options for you.

For example, a floss pick may be better for you. Floss picks are pieces of plastic with a curved end that holds a string of floss. Also, the other end of a floss stick is a pick that you can use to remove large food. In fact, these ends work better than toothpicks do—in fact, you should probably avoid using toothpicks. They may break and lodge themselves between your teeth. This is a particularly useful option for people who struggle to reach their back teeth and for the elderly.

Similarly, if you have sensitive teeth, you may find dental tape (or ribbon floss) more comfortable. This exciting dental product  works much like floss—you still wrap it around your fingers and move it between your teeth—but dental tape is thinner and wide than typical floss. This means that tape can slide between the tight spaces in you smile much more easily. Of course, your dentist may offer you specific advice based on your individual needs.

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