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When a toothache develops, the pain can be very disconcerting. Even if you can tolerate it in the short-term, the underlying cause can gradually worsen. This is even more serious if you feel a corresponding pain or pressure in the gums.

This often means that the tooth decay has managed to penetrate or harm the pulp or root of the tooth. Pressure or distress within the gums could also mean a serious infection or abscess has started to form.

This clearly calls for timely professional dental care at Ronald C. Fuhrmann, DDS, A division of Atlantic Dental Care. Without treatment, a dangerous infection could eventually spread into your bloodstream.

You can try to rub your gums with a topical oral analgesic for temporary relief of pain while waiting for your appointment. If there is swelling in your lip or cheek, you can hold a cold compress to your face for 15 minutes at a time. These are temporary measures to buy you some relief while you seek professional treatment.

If you live in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area and you are suffering from a toothache, you should not delay in calling 757-716-7943 to seek professional treatment from Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann.