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Grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism can be caused by stress, anxiety and allergies. There are certain sleep disorders that can cause you to grind your teeth on a regular basis. Children tend to grind their teeth more than adults simply because their jaw structure is growing so fast. This is especially true for children dealing with allergies or misaligned teeth.

Persistent tooth grinding can lead to dull headaches, jaw soreness, fractured teeth and even teeth that are painful or loose.

If you find that you are frequently grinding your teeth at night, you should ask your dentist about being fitted for a night guard. This simple soft plastic shield helps protect the teeth while reducing the friction between biting surfaces.

Generic night guards are available in the oral hygiene aisle of your grocery store or drug store. Many people complain that these night guards are not very comfortable. This causes some of them to stop using the night guards altogether.

A custom night guard fitted by your dentist conforms to the natural shape of your jaw and teeth. This increased comfort makes it easier for people to wear and thus offers greater long term protection from grinding your teeth.

If you have questions about a custom night guard or you would like to be fitted for one, please feel free to call us at 757-716-7943 to schedule an appointment.