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Gum disease is a very serious and dangerous dental problem that can completely destroy your smile by attacking the gums, teeth, and underlying bone. This disease comes on fast and quietly, but once it’s caught, there are many treatments available that can help, and one of those treatments is scaling and root planing.

Why would I need this treatment?
Scaling and root planing is a successful treatment that involves deeply cleaning the pockets of your smile. When you are a victim of gum disease, the plaque on your teeth irritates your gums and makes them shrivel and move away from the teeth, exposing the roots. This creates pockets between your teeth and gums and if they are not cleaned on a regular basis, bacteria and harmful particles will gather there, destroying your teeth, gums, and underlying bone. As time passes, the bone will begin to deteriorate and your teeth will eventually fall out of your mouth.

What is the process of scaling and root planing?
The process of scaling and root planing involves two parts: the scaling and the root planing. First, your dentist will scale your teeth and gums. This will deeply clean above and below the gumline, eliminating the plaque, bacteria, and other substances that can destroy your smile. Second, your dentist will start the root planing. During this section, he will smooth out the surfaces of your roots so your gums will reattach. Before you begin these treatments, your dentist will likely offer an anesthetic to help you get through the visit.

How should I care for my smile after treatment?
Recovery is very important when it comes to the scaling and root planing treatment. After the appointment, your gums might bleed or swell a bit, which is completely normal. You dentist will medicate the pockets of your mouth to help with this. Your dentist might also prescribe an oral medication or mouth rinse to you if it’s necessary. These products will help with the pain and discomfort you might experience.

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