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You might have heard of pregnancy tumors, but they’re probably not like what you’d expect. With a bit of help from our office, you can avert or treat pregnancy tumors, depending on your dental health. During pregnancy, some women can fashion “pregnancy tumors” on the soft tissues of their mouth. Fortunately, these “tumors” are not cancerous, but simply a swelling of the oral cavity’s soft tissue.

Pregnancy tumors frequently develop on the gums between the chompers, and they normally occur sometime during the second trimester of pregnancy and disappear in the months after the baby’s birth. They normally have a raspberry-esque look, and they can bleed easily when touched or squeezed.

Pregnancy tumors may be related to plaque accumulation, so ensure you’re brushing your teeth twice every day if you’re pregnant, and don’t forget to floss once daily either. If you are troubled about pregnancy tumors, Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann may be able to get rid of them. Get in contact with us now if you’re pregnant, and we’ll get working on a unique treatment plan just for you now.

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