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Giving your child mouthwash during their oral care routine is different than toothpaste and floss, and our dentist and team can offer the useful information you need to boost your child’s dental health and avoid risks. If you have questions about giving your child mouthwash to improve oral health, we invite you to review these guidelines.

Unlike toothpaste, mouthwash should not be given to young children under the age of six since they don’t know how to safely rinse with mouthwash. Young children can easily swallow their sip of mouthwash and become sick. Furthermore, if you use mouthwash brands that contain fluoride, this could cause a child to develop fluorosis since children are at risk of overexposure to fluoride.

If your child is ready to begin using mouthwash, they still require your supervision when rinsing to make sure they spit out instead of swallow the mouthwash. You can also turn your child’s rinsing routine into a game to make tooth care more fun and encourage them to practice oral hygiene every day.

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