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Upon visiting nearly any dental office in America, it’s almost impossible to not spot some younger children who are less-than-thrilled to be there. A lot of young kids don’t enjoy dental visits, but it’s actually a very simple process to help them enjoy – and possibly even love – going to see Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann for their important regular maintenance.

Let’s look at a few ways you can help your children learn to like their visits to Ronald C. Fuhrmann, DDS, A division of Atlantic Dental Care.

Start them young
Starting your children out on dental visits when they’re young is perhaps the most important – and effective – way to make them love the dentist. Taking them at the age of one, or when their first tooth erupts (whichever occurs first) is a surefire way to make kids love going to the dentist. By going early in life, it makes dental visits with Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann seem normal, acceptable, and by the time they’re old enough to understand oral health, even fun.

Don’t talk about it hurting
It’s also important to not talk about dental procedures as painful or possible “hurting.” These words can have a big impact on the psyche of your kids, and cause them to severely oppose dental visits. Instead, focus on the positives of dental visits and your kids will soon begin to look forward to them.

If you have any other questions about dental visits, helping your kids love their cleanings, or questions about how our team here at Ronald C. Fuhrmann, DDS, A division of Atlantic Dental Care deals with children, please don’t hesitate to call us today at 757-716-7943.