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Tooth Extraction

What Can Tooth Extraction Do for Me?

This is an easily-explained treatment--a tooth is removed. Even with the best of dental care and hygiene, teeth sometimes need to be removed to ensure the best oral health.

At our Virginia Beach dental office, we make sure that you remain as comfortable as possible during extraction.

When Should Teeth Be Extracted?

Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann recommends a bridge--which will make your smile more perfect--in some of the following situations:

Tooth extraction may be indicated if no other way of restoring your perfect smile is present. An extraction might be recommended by Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann in the following situations:

  • - The tooth is crowding others
  • - A primary (baby) tooth hasn’t fallen out normally
  • - Decay is so bad that the tooth can’t be restored
  • - Infection has destroyed the tooth and bone structure

Tooth extraction requires a healing process, and our Virginia Beach dental office staff will make sure you leave knowing what to do. We will also discuss replacement options with you.

Please contact us if you have any questions about tooth extraction, and make your appointment today.

We look forward to your call today!We want to help you find the perfect smile!


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