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Digital X-Rays

What Can Digital X-Rays Do for Me?

Digital X-Rays allow your dentist to see into your teeth in a cleaner, quicker, more comfortable process. Digital X-Rays use less radiation, and don’t require the chemicals needed for developing X-Ray film. The process is faster and more comfortable for you.

The X-Rays can be stored on computers, rather than physically. The imaging is enhanced, compared to film X-Rays, and Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann will have a better picture of your teeth.

What Do Digital X-Rays Show the Dentist?

The quality of digital radiography allows us better images of any dental problems you have. They include:

  • - Tooth decay in and between teeth
  • - Infection in the tooth nerves
  • - Filling fractures
  • - Abscesses, cysts, and developmental abnormalities
  • - Impacted teeth and improperly positioned tooth roots
  • - Non-cancerous and cancerous tumors

Digital X-Rays allow Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann to spot problems earlier than used to be possible--especially problems not visible to the naked eye. The X-Rays can also help the team plan your course of treatment, including Invisalign ® tooth straightening and root canal treatments.

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