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Dentures & Partial Dentures

What Can Dentures Do for Me?

Dentures can be an effective restoration of the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Dentures are removable replacements for multiple missing teeth.

The denture is a combination of prosthetic teeth mounted into a base, which is usually pink to fit your mouth. Dentures can be either complete or partial

  • - Complete dentures replace all of the teeth on either the top or bottom of your mouth (these are known as the “dental arches”). Some will have complete dentures for both arches. The denture is placed on the gum tissues, and is usually made secure by a denture adhesive.
  • - Partial dentures replace missing teeth in between remaining natural teeth--sort of a removable bridge. The partial denture is custom-made to blend with your remaining teeth, and some will have clasps or other supports to keep them stable.

When Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures may be a recommended as a tooth replacement solution especially to help restore facial volume or the ability to eat, chew, and speak normally. Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann works with patients at his Virginia Beach dental office to find the best and most affordable tooth replacement solution--dentures are non-invasive.

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