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Dental Sealants

What Can Dental Sealants Do for Me?

Dental sealants can reduce the risk of tooth decay, especially on young people after the permanent molars and premolars come in. A thin layer of resin or plastic is painted onto the tooths chewing surface.

Permanent molars and premolars are the best subjects for sealants. The sealant fills the pits and grooves on the surface, and block out the acids, food particles, and bacteria which cause tooth decay. As applied at our Virginia Beach dental office, the sealant also creates a smooth surface, which makes it easier to clean the tooth.

When Are Dental Sealants Needed?

The best time to use dental sealants is shortly after permanent molars and premolars emerge--usually when children are 6-12 years old. Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann also has recommended sealants for adult teeth which don’t display existing decay.

Sealing requires no drills, shots, or needles. Teeth can be sealed in one visit to our office.

We invite you to call our office today to make an appointment to discuss dental sealants and other preventive tooth care.

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