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Dental Fillings

What Can Dental Fillings Do for Me?

One of the most common restorative dental treatments is the filling. Used on teeth with moderate damage at most, the filling replaces the decayed portion of the tooth with a durable filling material.

During the procedure, the dentist removes that decayed art of the tooth and then cleans the cavity, and then fills it with the material. It is sculpted to match the tooth and your bite. After hardening, the tooth will be as good as new.

When Do I Need a Filling?

Teeth can be damaged through decay or trauma. At our Virginia Beach dental office, we use fillings to make sure that your tooth returns to a healthy state and structure with the choice of filling material.

Amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals, and are silver in color. They generally are more affordable, and are durable.

Composite fillings use resin which can be matched in color to your teeth, thus blending better with your smile. The dentist may not need to remove as much tooth structure for a composite filling.

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