What is a crown?
A dental crown is a restoration that can be used for a number of restorative and cosmetic purposes. The crown covers the entire tooth, starting at the gum line. This restores the tooth to optimal structure, strength, and shape. A crown may be recommended to:

• Improve the function and appearance of a misshapen tooth
• Attach a dental bridge
• Strengthen a weakened or cracked tooth
• Protect a tooth after root canal therapy (endodontics)
• Enhance the aesthetics of a seriously darkened or stained tooth
• Support a large dental filling if little natural tooth structure is left
• Repair a severely decayed or otherwise damaged tooth

Dental crowns are custom made to comfortably and effectively fit your smile. Crowns can be made from a number of materials, including porcelain; porcelain crowns are often chosen for their natural-looking appearance.

What are same-day crowns?
Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann is pleased to offer E4D same-day dental crowns at our office. With E4D CAD/CAM technology, we can design, create, and place your custom dental crown in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in a single day. Traditional crown technology required at least two visits to the dentist, often weeks apart; same-day restoration technology allows us to eliminate additional visits and provide you with a more streamlined experience. To learn more about crowns and E4D technology, we invite you to call or visit us today. We are eager to improve your smile!