What is a root canal?
Root canal therapy, commonly known as a root canal, is an endodontic treatment used to restore a tooth that is seriously infected or damaged. The dental pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, contains the tooth’s living tissues and cells; when this area becomes damaged, decayed, or diseased, it often leads to severe tooth pain, intense tooth sensitivity, and other uncomfortable symptoms. When not treated properly, the infected tooth may die and need to be removed. In order to avoid the need for tooth extraction, relieve the pain caused by the damage, and prevent the infection from spreading to healthy parts of the mouth, our dentist may recommend root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy, Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann removes the decayed and infected tissue from the tooth. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth, he fills it and caps it with a restoration like a dental crown. Generally, a root canal in Virginia Beach, Virginia, requires just one or two comfortable visits to our office.

Do root canals hurt?
We understand that root canal therapy has a reputation for being a painful treatment; however, with modern techniques and tools, this treatment is fairly comfortable and often results in no more discomfort than a regular dental filling. To learn more and to set up your next appointment with our friendly team, we welcome you to call or visit our office today.