What is dental bonding?
Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental service that is fast and conservative. During the bonding process, our dentist places a material called composite resin onto the tooth. This resin material is soft and malleable when first placed, which allows Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann to sculpt the resin to correct cosmetic imperfections in the tooth. Once the composite resin is properly shaped, we use a special light to harden it. Finally, the bonding is trimmed and polished to blend in with your smile’s natural appearance. Because composite resin is available in a range of shades, our dentist is able to match the color of the resin to your natural tooth color. If you would like to brighten your smile, we can alternatively use a shade of resin that is lighter than your original tooth color.

Do I need bonding?
If you are hesitant to commit to cosmetic treatments that are more invasive or expensive, dental bonding may be just what you need. The bonding process typically requires little to no tooth preparation, so your treatment will not involve any shots, needles, or drills. Dental bonding is versatile and can be used to correct a number of cosmetic dental flaws, including:

• Cracked and chipped teeth
• Gapped teeth
• Exposed tooth roots
• Worn-down teeth
• Stained or spotted teeth
• Misshapen teeth

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