What Are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

If you are interested in knowing the benefits of dental sealants, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our , Dr. , is happy to discuss the many ways dental sealants can help many smiles everywhere. Dental sealants are thin shells that cover the teeth and keep them in tip-top shape. Some of… Read more »

Reinvent Your Smile with Dental Floss

  Caring for your smile often comes in many steps. Although we often think about how brushing is extremely important for your smile, brushing your teeth alone is not enough to keep your smile safe from all tooth hazards that can arise. In addition, you will need to make sure that you are cleaning the… Read more »

Pregnancy Tumors

You might have heard of pregnancy tumors, but they’re probably not like what you’d expect. With a bit of help from our office, you can avert or treat pregnancy tumors, depending on your dental health. During pregnancy, some women can fashion “pregnancy tumors” on the soft tissues of their mouth. Fortunately, these “tumors” are not… Read more »

Enhance Your Smile with a Tooth-Colored Dental Filling

If you have a cavity that developed in an obvious part of your smile, such as a front tooth, you can receive a composite (tooth-colored) dental filling to keep your smile beautiful. Tooth-colored dental fillings are created from acrylic resin and powdered glass, which bonds easily to the surface of the tooth and can be… Read more »

Understanding Mouth Guards

Teeth help you to chow down, breathe and smile beautifully. They aid us so much, and they deserve to be looked out for. With appropriate care, your pearly whites can last a lifetime. In addition to brushing two times daily and flossing once a day, sporting a mouth guard is a great method to guard… Read more »

Halloween Reminders: A Candy Plan Checklist

Have you set up a Halloween checklist yet to ensure your holiday season can go off without a hitch? A Halloween checklist should include numerous tips and techniques to implement to ensure your teeth and gums are not damaged. Important things to consider include: – Visit your dentist for routine check-ups, oral examinations, oral health… Read more »

Treating Your Crowns Like Royalty

Around 2.3 million implant-supported dental crowns are made yearly in the US, which means that there are many patients seeing dental practitioners to guard their teeth. While crowns are defending teeth, who is shielding the crowns? Follow this list of tips we’ve collected to maintain your oral crowns for a long time: – If you… Read more »

Test Your Flossing Knowledge

Flossing is very important for your teeth, gums, and oral health. This is why our dentist, Dr. , strongly recommends flossing regularly. Doing so can help you and your smile in many ways. In order to properly floss and clean your teeth, you need to know the basic facts and details about floss and your… Read more »

Endodontics: Saving Your Smile

What do you know about endodontics? Here at in , , we offer endodontics and are eager to give you all the information this branch of our office, so you can feel confident about entrusting your teeth to our care Endodontics is an important branch of dentistry that focuses on treating dental pulp and the… Read more »

Three Options for Tooth Restoration

Do you have cavities, chips, cracks or stains? Repairing your damaged or decayed teeth has never been easier. There are many effective and safe treatment methods for your smile, and almost any oral issue can be conquered. Here are three options for restoring your teeth: – Dental Fillings – Dental fillings are particularly designed to… Read more »