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Sleep apnea is a respiratory health condition that affects the sleep quality and health of an estimated 18 million Americans. Common symptoms include chronic snoring and breathing interruption during sleep. This can cause poor-quality sleep and even tax the heart muscle, leading to other serious medical conditions.

If you are experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, you should seek professional diagnosis. The severity and related conditions associated with your sleep apnea will influence the necessary methods for symptom relief.

If you are diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, you will likely need to sleep with a positive air pressure device. This will gently force air into your respiratory tract to keep the soft palate from slipping backward.

However, if you only have mild to moderate sleep apnea Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann might be able to provide you with a prescription snore guard. There are several different styles and designs that he might recommend, based on your personal preference and the unique details of your mouth.

A tongue stabilizing device can help denture wearers with sleep apnea. This type of snore guard doesn’t attach to the teeth. Once it is properly positioned in your mouth, it will help to hold your tongue and soft palate in position.

Mandibular advancement devices come in several different styles and designs. Most of them attach to the teeth in some way and hinge together. These snore guards are designed to hold your mouth and soft palate in the ideal position to allow easy passage of air.

Thermoplastic snore guards are made from a special material that softens when heated in water. Some people choose this style of snore guard for its comfort and custom fit.

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