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Even though your teeth are very hard and durable, there are extreme situations where something like a hard fall, blow to the face, or other accident can damage them. A broken tooth often comes with a lot of pain due to significant damage to the internal structures of the tooth.

Sometimes Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann can repair the broken tooth with a root canal. However, if the damage is too extreme, then he might need to extract the tooth. Once your gums have completely healed he might recommend restoring the tooth with a bridge.

A bridge is single piece of dental work that looks similar to a series of three crowns that have been fused together into one single unit. It is held in place by two abutments made from surrounding teeth.

To create the abutments Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann needs to remove the enamel layer from each of the neighboring teeth. The abutments look like little posts and will later serve to anchor your bridge in place.

Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann will then take an impression of the abutments and corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. Then he will cover the abutments with a pair of temporary crowns. The impression is sent to a dental lab as a guide, while they custom form your new bridge.

We will call you back in for a second appointment when your new bridge is ready. To install the bridge our dentist removes the temporary crowns and cements it securely in place.

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, you should call Ronald C. Fuhrmann, DDS, A division of Atlantic Dental Care, as soon as possible at 757-716-7943 to schedule an appointment.